Just another update picture of Bathing Tiger. I had work the last two days so I haven't stitched much. I started a new project from the Popcorn series from Vervaco, Blueberry. I just got the kits Wednesday, it took almost a month to get them but worth the wait. Right now it's just a bunch of purple squares so not really worth putting a picture up. When it starts looking more like a teddy bear I will :). I'm not really sure what I want to work on today, I have all day to stitch. I really should pick up The Guardian, I haven't worked on it in a couple weeks. But I really want to stitch on the tiger. And Blueberry would be a faster finish. We'll see what happens.

Bathing Tiger - Janlynn
1x1 on 16ct. White Aida

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  1. Sharilyn says:

    Hi, I am doing the same cross stitch (Bathing Tiger - Janlynn), yours looks great so far. How much farther have you gotten? I'm done with about %60 of it, so far but still so far to go. Great work!!!