So the reason I've been taking a break from TG is because I have been having trouble finding a way to stitch it. I had taken it off the Q-snaps because although the tension is great I didn't like the way the stitches were getting smooshed. So I put it back on a scroll frame which had horrible tension and was a bit of a pain to hold. Today I went and bought stretcher bars which I have never used before and it seems to be better. Much better than the scroll frame for sure. The tacs kind of make big holes in the fabric. I know I am okay on three sides, I just hope I am on the fourth, not too sure though. Too bad the Q-snaps smooshed my stitches, the Q-snaps are my favorite. Hopefully I can get in some stitching time on it today.

The Guardian - Dimensions
1x1 on 18ct. Ivory Aida

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