I'm probably going to jinx myself here but I'm really enjoying stitching this and it's coming along quite fast. Maybe it's just because I'm coming up to stitching the eye which may be a weird thing to say but, for me, it's one of my favorite things. When you get to the eyes the face really starts to take form. Unless you stitch them first and in that case you just have an eye(s) :P. But I never do that. I like to start from the top left corner and work my way across and down. So there's always a bit of face before you get there. Hopefully the motivation and progress continues. It would be nice to get one of these large projects done, I need to stop starting new ones first..

Regal Tiger - Dimensions
1x1 on 14ct. Beige Aida

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  1. Lizy says:

    Thank you for following my blog and keep up the good work on your cross stitching!!!

    Karen says:

    I wandered over from the Pals BB and had a look around. Your WIP is amazing....continued happy stitches!

    Shirley says:

    How maddening. I have done quite a bit of frogging myself lately and always rue the waste of precious stitching time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Happy stitching, Shirley