I got a visit from the frog tonight :(. I stitched over 100 stitches in the wrong colors, ugh. It was not fun to rip out because it was 6 strands of floss (3 each of two different colors). I was not happy when I realized the mistake. But I ripped it all out and restitched it in the correct colors and even got a couple rows further with the dark brown and black portion of the background. It's weird, I've been making some real silly mistakes on this the last couple days. The other day I kept miscounting by one stitch, I must have done that about a half dozen times right in a row. My eyes are playing tricks on me o.0

Regal Tiger - Dimensions
1x1 on 14ct. Beige Aida

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  1. Mylene says:

    Hi, Sorry to read about the frog visits. The design you are working on is looking great.

    ps. Thanks so much for following my blog.

    Lizy says:

    I hope you get new a pretty soon and have some time to stitch!!! Thank you for the comment on my sister picture.