An update picture of Dawn of a New Day. I actually haven't stitched at all this week, this picture is from last week. Work has picked up a lot and I haven't really had time. Also since my lamp burnt out again I haven't wanted to stitch at night. I hate using the over head light in my room, it bothers my eyes. I'm going to try to work on something a little tonight and tomorrow because we have work every day this week so no real time to stitch again :(. I bought the prettiest frames the other day at a craft store and I have two popcorn stitches that match them perfectly. I almost want to start them, but I know I shouldn't :P.

Dawn of a New Day - Dimensions
1x1 on 14ct. White Aida

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  1. Dawn of a New Day is coming along!

    I know what you mean about work getting in the way of stitching. I crave some relaxing time to stitch.