I haven't been doing much stitching lately, just a little here and there. I went through my stash and picked out a couple UFOs that I'm going to try and do a rotation with. The Witching Hour I put on a scroll frame and Simply Halloween I am going to buy a Q-snap for and see how that goes. I've never used a Q-snap before, I either use a scroll frame or stich in hand but neither of those is working for this project. The fabric is too slippery and it's too hard to hold so hopefully the Q-snap works :). The awkward size of the fabric might be an issue though...

Happiness is a Matching Pair of Socks - Janlynn
1x1 on 14ct. White Aida

The Witching Hour - Waxing Moon Designs
2x2 on 28 ct. Goldneedle Country French Linen

Simply Halloween - Waxing Moon Designs
2x2 on 28 ct. Monster Mash Cashel

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