So, I was good, I resisted. I didn't buy anything from HAED the other day even though there were a few charts I really really wanted. But I figure it will be better to wait until the summer when hopefully work picks up and I have a little bit more money. It's not like I would stitch them right now anyway. I've been working on TG pretty steadily but yesterday I took a bit of a break and stitched a small project, Sunshine. All I have left to do is the finishing on it which is not my favorite thing in the world to do. I like these little kits that come with the glass and everything to finish, I think I'm just too nit picky with it. I have a second one that is a moon that matches the color scheme of this one. I put off making these for awhile because even though they are small, they have gold metallic in them, you can't really tell in the picture. Again I'm just too picky about it, I'll sit there and just keep messing with the strands until they are straight enough and drive myself crazy. This one wasn't so bad though, I didn't even have a hard time with the french knots done in 4 strands of metallic which I was dreading. But all turned out well. When I get tired of TG again I will start the moon :).

Sunshine - Dimensions

The Guardian - Dimensions
1x1 on 18ct. Ivory Aida

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