Right after my last post I started on Alternative Reality. Even though I worked on it for hours it's as if I've got nothing done. Three or four stitches and you have to change colors. It is very pretty though, you can't tell in the picture below, it's so blurry. I'm going to put it down for now, my fingers were starting to hurt, it's so tough to pull the floss through because I'm using two strands and working one over one. I'm going to start another Salem Inn and work on that for the rest of the night. My mother saw me stitching it and liked it so much I'm going to make one for her. I have plenty of floss left over, I just had to buy the fabric. If I get it done in time I might give it to her for Mother's Day.

Alternative Reality - Heaven and Earth Designs
1x1 on 25 ct. Beige Evenweave

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